From India To Tomorrowland: Now In Your Budget?

Tomorrowland is one of the most popular International music festivals among the Indian audience. Driving festival lovers crazy with the Tomorrowland after movies since years, it has globally celebrated DJ’s who play all flavours of electronica. The tickets usually sell out instantly, and you have to pre-register to even be applicable to purchase tickets. We’ve made a basic list of approximate current prices according to the minimum budget based on previous prices for you to consider going in 2018!

# Festival Pass (INR 40,000)  Generally gets sold out – contact our team for the pass + Round Trip Flight From India (INR 45,000) + Visa Fees (INR 8,000) + Budget Accommodation in Brussels or Antwerp (INR 10,000) + Shuttle to TML (INR 5,000)

Festival Travels Packages-

  1. Tomorrowland with camping gear and transfers from Brussels

# Global Journey Packages by Tomorrowland (includes air tickets from Delhi or Bombay + festival passes):

  1. Festival Pass (without stay) + Budget Accommodation in Brussels or Antwerp + Local Travel = INR 1,40,000 + Overheads
  2. Festival Pass (stay in most luxurious accommodation) = INR 2,25,000 + Overhead

There are a lot more packages available depending on the level of luxury that you choose, and there are even day passes available.

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