Packing list for Festivals ( Tomorrowland, Creamfields etc)

festival season is almost here ! By now you can barely believe it, you’re going to Tomorrowland, the most epic festival of the entire year. You know how to get to Tomorrowland and you might have decided on what to wear to Tomorrowland, now you need to figure out just what to pack for this camping festival. I think this is the ultimate list of what to bring to Tomorrowland and you’ll be 100% ready to go!

Packing for a festival is no easy task, but it’s definitely worth it to make sure you have everything you need. Not just the essentials. I love to make sure I represent my country by wearing some American flag inspired gear. Many people bring flags or clothes that offer your country’s pride.

Since I’ve been the past 3 years I’ve made a list of what I always pack. Mine might be a little bit more than usual since I always travel before or after the festival, so I need some clothes when I’m on the move. It’s important to think carefully about what to bring to Tomorrowland since you don’t want to take too much or too little.


  1. Travel size shampoo/conditioner
  2. Travel size lotion
  3. Razor – this travel size razor is perfect for a trip!
  4. No Doze caffeine pills – to help you stay awake!
  5. Sunscreen – go for an SPF of 30 or higher
  6. Wet wipes– for when you don’t always have the opportunity for a shower!
  7. Toothpaste / Tooth Brush
  8. Pain relievers
  9. Peptobismal (for upset stomachs) and any other medicines you take
  10. Vitamins
  11. Hair brush, clips, and rubberbands. These are my favorite hair bands that don’t pull your hair and are cute!
  12. Tennis/walking shoes. These are my favorite.
  13. Flip flops (one for the shower too, if you’re camping)
  14. Nice sandals (I bring these for traveling after in case we go somewhere nice and I need to dress up a bit)
  15. Sneakers- these are a good alternative for a cuter walking shoe
  16. Rain boots – it almost ALWAYS rains at Tomorrowland
  17. Socks (5-7 pairs)
  18. Shorts (I bring jean shorts, so fun, breathable shorts like these, some brightly colored neon ones too)
  19. Hat: I like a neon snapback and a floppy hat
  20. Tank tops (1-2)
  21. Kimono or light weight sweater – it can get chilly at night
  22. T-shirt to sleep in
  23. Bathing Suit – there are pools inside Tomorrowland, especially if you’re VIP!
  24. Sunglasses
  25. Underwear (5-7 pairs)
  26. Bra
  27. Sports Bra
  28. Rain coat!
  29. Back pack or Camelbak
  30. Jewelry ( I love this to carry all my jewelry in since I tend to bring a lot)
  31. Cross Body Bag
  32. Camera
  33. A sturdy iPhone (or any other phone) case
  34. Make up (I swear by this mascara for long wear and no smudges)
  35. Your ID
  36. Tickets (bracelets)to the festival!!! Don’t forget them!


Have the most amazing time… Thank us later !!

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